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Alyssa Gismo

"I have now received my TESOL and am so empowered to not let life decide for me, but for me to decide what path I want to take, on the timeline I want."

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João Nassif

“I've had a fantastic experience with the course. I can proudly say that I've gained a wealth of new knowledge through this program. It was surprising to discover that learning could be both educational and enjoyable. Overall, this has been an excellent learning adventure for me.”



Josh Angenent

I took the TESOL course in October 2023, after graduating. This training helped me learn a variety of new teaching methods and gave me confidence in my ability to teach them in the classroom. I was at a crossroads of what to do after graduating and the TESOL course helped me to get an...


Katie Konecny

"Going into the course, I didn’t really have any hopes, but soon after I realized this course changes lives. TESOL is a very fun, interactive course. I learned a lot in the five days, which flies by fast. I learnt about teaching methodologies, how learning can be fun. But more importantly, I...



What did you take away from the course? “For me personally, I gained a lot more confidence within myself and mostly about my skill set. Not doubting my abilities to teach because that was something that I always suppressed. Jim really highlighted the skills and also not to doubt ourselves. Most...



What did you take away from the course? “A lot of management skills, a lot of self-confidence and to get out there and get what you want.”

Do you think the course adequately prepares you to teach conversational English? “Absolutely, yes! I feel more prepared...

Vanessa Matamoros

Vanessa Matamoros

I’ve recently finished my undergrad and meet Jim on my last year. Throughout my last four years I’ve been conflicted on what I would like to pursue in my career. However, once I heard about the TESOL course I signed up right away. TESOL has given me an opportunity to discover what career I would...


Mahmoud Refae

The TESOL experience was absolutely incredible! I embarked on this journey with a curious heart, unsure of what awaited me. But let me tell you, it surpassed all my expectations and transformed my mindset completely. It was a whirlwind of joy, deep learning, and heartwarming moments. And the...

Cherin Quijano

Cherin Quijano

Currently teaching in South Korea

I took the TESOL course this past April, 2023. This course helped me become more confident and learn new teaching methods as well as ways to make the classroom interactive! I met so many amazing people in the course which motivated me to do my best and have a positive attitude. It has brought so...

Nabiet Tekle

Nabiet Tekle

A few months ago, I received my TEOSL certification that gave me the tools I needed to pursue my passion for teaching abroad. They showed me how to make learning fun and what to expect from different contracts and countries. I’m currently looking into different positions and am hoping to start...

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Ulana Mysakowec

Going into this course, I was expecting 5 days of lecturing, with minimal interaction with classmates. I was proven completely wrong. This was an extremely informative and inspiring course. I got to know my classmates really well while gaining a deeper understanding regarding my personal growth....

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Erin V

The course provided many opportunities to develop lesson plans while considering various learning styles and working to create an engaging learning environment. I’m hoping to maybe teach online this year with my TESOL certificate and applying to law school this year.

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Aish Bhatt

Teaching was something I was always passionate about and doing the TESOL certifications opened golden door for me to start my career as an English language trainer. The course was not just about the certifications but a lot more than that. It boosted my confidence through the final presentation...

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Candice Doucette

I took the TESOL course in Spring 2016 during my final year of university. I wanted to teach abroad so signing up for TESOL was a no-brainer when I saw it promoted at my university. The TESOL course gave me all the tools I needed to be comfortable and confident in my teaching. With TESOL’s help...



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