TESOL Certification Program

Become certified to teach English To speakers of other languages and prepare to connect worldwide with the english language.

Southwestern Ontario/ London Training

Instructor: Jim Pellegrini

July 24 - July 28

August 21- August 25

October 30-November 2

November 20 - November 24

Online via Zoom

Instructor: Sarah Connors

June 23 - July 4

** Upcoming course **

June 23rd: 10am-4pm

June 24th, 26th, 27th, July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th 5-10pm

Montreal Training

November 6-10

December 4-8

Toronto, Sudbury, Halifax, Prince Edward Island, and Gaspe


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Pursue a Career You Love

The demand for teachers — especially those who teach English to non-English speakers — has increased dramatically over the past couple of decades. Earning a TESOL certification qualifies you to apply for teaching positions in virtually every country around the globe and online. ESL teachers can make good money while traveling, learning about different cultures, and enjoying a fulfilling career.

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