Frequently Asked Questions


(1) Do I need a degree in English in order to teach English?

No. You will likely be teaching functional/conversational English and not Shakespeare or Academic English, so a degree in anything is absolutely fine. We can even arrange for you to obtain a degree in a fast-track timetable, along with your TESOL/TEFL certificate. The certificate is your teaching credential and indicates that you are qualified to teach English as a second language since the training focuses on pedagogical technique, ice breakers, and lesson planning.


(2) I have no experience in teaching. Will I have trouble finding a teaching position?

No. Your TESOL certification and understanding of the English language adequately prepares you with the necessary skills to teach ESL. Some recruiters even seek first time teachers since their thinking is that you haven't made mistakes or are not already "set in your ways" and thus open to learning and implementing the school philosophy.


(3) What questions am I likely to be asked in an international English teacher interview?

Can you tell me a little about yourself? ...

Why do you want to be a teacher? ...

What's the best way to teach English? ...

What's a challenge you've faced in the classroom? ...

What are some successful teaching methods you use?

Give us a five minute lesson on a topic teaching elementary school children?

What is the most important component in teaching in an international classroom?

How do you "sell" the love of English?

How is your class different from the teaching styles of most teachers?

What do you know about our country seeing as you wish to teach our students?


(4) Is it possible to teach online?

Yes. There are many international platforms hiring ESL teachers. If teaching online is hoe you choose to use your TESOL certification we will recommend platforms to you and assist in the application process if need be.


(5) Do you also have job placements?

Yes. We work with international agents and representatives including Embassies to connect you with potential employers. Our graduates and TESOL advisors are always happy to share their interview and employment experiences with you, as well as review prospective contracts, in order to best prepare you for future employment.


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