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ESL Learning and TESOL Certification Program

Are you interested in teaching others how to learn English as a second language? Or, perhaps you’d like to be the one to certify others to teach English. Whichever you choose, Central Overseas Education Services is here to help make your teaching dreams come true! Secure your future while helping others by signing up for one of our ESL certificate programs today.

Know someone who is interested in learning English? We have online English classes available for people of all ages. Check out our Learn English page to find out more.


Why Choose Central Overseas Education Services?

  • On-line and in-person (when available) ESL classes available

  • Pursue a career you’ll love

  • Get paid to work and live overseas

  • Expand your opportunities

  • We provide job placement assistance

  • Get certified to operate your own TESOL-certified school

  • Complete your training in as little as six days

Meet Our Staff

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Dr. Pellegrini obtained his Bachelor's degree from the University of Waterloo, a Diploma in Technical Education and B.ED from the University of Toronto, as well as post-graduate degrees from U.S. Universities including a Masters of Education from Niagara University and a PH.D. in Education from New Mexico. He also holds a Certificate in Gerontology from the Ryerson University of Toronto and Music Teaching qualifications for both Choral and Instrumental Music.

Conducting the 10,000 Voice Papal Choir during the Pope's visit to Canada was one of his music career highlights of his life, plus producing various musical segments for various movie segments for the National Film Board of Canada and other theatre/media organizations. Church music directing for various religious denominations and management of individual female artists have also brought him into the recording studio, the latest in which he produced his own "Reflections" album based on a career of music teaching, writing, and inspiration.

As an academic, he has taught in teacher-training programs at York...

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Kiley Kim is the Director of Recruitment and International Operations for Central Overseas Education Services Ltd. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of Prince Edward Island and a Law Clerk Diploma from Seneca College in Toronto. She is also a graduate of the TESOL program in 2014.

She was born in South Korea and spent most of her childhood in the Philippines. From having prior experience and exposure to different cultures and environments, she applied those life skills into managing various numbers of regional directors of the organization from all over the world, as well as overseeing each student's job placement process on a day-to-day basis.

"I believe that it is never too late to learn something new every day. If we don't learn something and grow from it, we are not living."


As an avid activist, David has always focussed on making the world a better place .. this also extends into his teaching career. In order to empower a student, it is imperative to provide the education, knowledge, and confidence that will lead to a better life for the individual and others around them.

After obtaining his initial TESOL Certification, David has gone on to achieve his TESOL Instructor Certification, and is continuing his own education to include specializations in Tutoring English, Teaching Tourism English, Teaching Business English, and Teaching Adults to upgrade his TESOL Certificate to a TESOL Diploma.

David is currently laying the groundwork, seeking out qualified English Tutors and Teachers to staff the new DL English Resources and Training Centre in Ukraine, which will become the leader in "all things English" in Eastern Europe.


I hold a B.Sc. Degree in Management with a focus on Leadership. I work as a Professional coach and work with individuals in order to set and help to maximize their performance goals. I'm here to support anyone who is ready to take responsibility, unlock potential, overcome fears and barriers, and build a happier and healthier life. Whether it's teaching English, learning higher-level academics, or training for the Olympics, I am here to ensure your success.

My methodology is based on NLP and focused on personal development, setting goals, and changing current habits for more useful ones.

Apart from my athletic and coaching credentials, as well as a CrossFit athlete, I am an ESL teacher and TESOL instructor currently focused on the market in China.


Born in Birmingham, England, grew up in Mississauga Ontario. I have a BA in English, then I fell in love with Broadcast Journalism, graduated from Humber College. Proud graduate of Global Tesol College and later working for Central Overseas Education Services, which opened me up to teach in Italy and China. Regional Director at Central Overseas Education Services and also being the founder of "Forecast Your Future" Education Services.


My name is Vanessa-René, I'm not french but my father thought he'd add some french flavour to my name. My family immigrated to Canada from Portugal in the 70s so I am a first-generation Canadian. I always wanted to be a teacher so I studied Child and Youth Work in College where my interest in child development and psychology began to grow. Later I completed my TESOL Certification, bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok, and lived in SE Asia for 5 months traveling Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia while teaching English online to fellow backpackers I met along the way. When I returned home, I completed a number of Neuro-Linguistic Programming seminars and rediscovered my love for teaching and helping others. Personally, I love to travel, explore, experience new cultures, and break down language barriers. I'm a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a wife, a mother, an Aquarius and a passionate TESOL instructor.


Sarah Jane Leta Neadow is a TESOL Regional Director and a women's Mindset & Business Coach. She started her business offline in 2011 as a wedding and event planner, and in 2012 she became took the Advanced TESOL 120 hour program, and in June 2019 she brought her business into the online space, evolving into a focus on mindset and business coaching, helping women step out of fear and into their next level, turning their dreams into reality. She has successfully scaled her business online in the past year, and just celebrate a five-figure month in July 2020. She is passionate about helping women transform their lives and businesses the way she transformed her own. She lives in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada with her spouse of five and a half years, Andrew, and their adopted cat, Clover. Sarah hosts online Summits and Masterclasses in her Facebook group, Forevermore. She offers programs, Masterminds, and 1-1 coaching to help women conquer their fears and step into the next-level version of themselves, in life and in business, including TESOL certification for women ready to...


Hello, my name is Michael. From visiting 61 countries - I know firsthand the benefit English has on the global society. I am pleased to assist you with your new life journey by helping others in learning English through TESOL. Whether you are looking forward to teaching people online or having the fully immersive cultural experience teaching overseas I am here to guide you on each step of your journey. Your English skills along with TESOL are your passport for this life-changing adventure. Bon Voyage!


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