What did you take away from the course? “For me personally, I gained a lot more confidence within myself and mostly about my skill set. Not doubting my abilities to teach because that was something that I always suppressed. Jim really highlighted the skills and also not to doubt ourselves. Most of us coming in, I believe, had the same feeling that I had. Allow yourself to be open to new things and new possibilities.

Do you think the course adequately prepares you to teach conversational English? “Oh, absolutely! No doubt. If anything, it enhanced my skills that I already had and again, that I didn’t really know. I used to volunteer as a basic English tutor, so teaching newcomers and doing this amplified the skills I had.

What do you plan on using your certification for? Do you want to teach online or overseas, if so, where would you like to teach? “If I could go overseas tomorrow, I would jump on a plane and just go. Where specifically, I’m not sure yet but anywhere that's open and willing to take me, I’m ready to go. I think, right now, China is looking pretty nice!”

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about taking the course? “Do it. Don’t waste time, just do it. It’s definitely something you do, with no regrets. It doesn’t take 6 months, which was another influence for why I took the course. I was speaking with the instructor, Jim and I just finished school, so I said if I'm going to sit in a lecture for 6 months, absolutely not doing it. But you do it in a week and you're done. So, time wise, it could work with anyones schedule.”