Erin Tandan

Erin Tandan                                                                                 Director of Marketing and Enrolment

Erin is the Director of Marketing and Enrolment. She is a 2023 TESOL graduate, an experienced teacher, and holds a Bachelors degree in Health Sciences from Western University.

Erin has 8 years of teaching experience working with children of all ages as well as adults. She self-developed a successful private swimming lesson business, which provided her with valuable skills in business development, marketing, and enrollment. She has continued expanding her educational career by becoming TESOL certified and teaching English to speakers of other languages online. Working with a broad range of non-native English students has enlightened Erin on the vast market and demand for Native English teachers.

Erin understands the unique aspects of the learning process and the dynamics of learning styles for all students. She believes the Central Overseas Education Services TESOL course adequately equips individuals with the necessary skills to be a memorable teacher online or overseas. She aspires to inspire future TESOL students and teachers to connect with individuals of other cultures by sharing and teaching the language of English.