The Academy specializes in providing English language training, professional skills training and international cultural and educational exchange programs. The school is authorized by the Chinese government to process Foreigner’s Work Permit (used to be called Foreign Expert Certificate) for qualified teachers, the only official certificate to legally authorize a foreigner to be a teacher in China.

The primary objective of this course is to develop students’ oral facility using Oxford English structures and lexical sets, as well as to build upon those standards when possible. Teachers of this course work closely with local teachers to integrate oral ability with the aural and writing focuses of the local curriculum. Teachers are encouraged to work closely with local teachers in developing their lesson plans and objectives. The Core+ program will also be used by teachers to improve students’ abilities in all four language skills

A full-time foreign teacher teaches 26 periods of class every week in select public schools in Shanghai (35 minutes for one period in primary schools and 40 minutes for one period in secondary schools). The class size is usually 35 or 40 students in one class.textbooks and other teaching materials to facilitate teachers’ teaching at schools. The teaching is scheduled in the daytime from Mondays to Fridays. Every foreign teacher is assigned one coordinator who is English/Chinese bilingual speaking and helps teachers for teaching and/or non-teaching related issue(s) in Shanghai.

Native English-speaker without strong regional accent

Outgoing and passionate for helping young students to learn

Capable of quickly adapting to different cultural and social environment

No criminal records

Shanghai, China

2 years of teaching experience

Bachelor's degree & 120-hour TESOL Certificate

16,000 RMB (pre-tax)

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