Four Unexpected Benefits Of A TESOL Certification

Four Unexpected Benefits Of A TESOL Certification

If you’re considering getting a certification for Teaching English as a Second Language (also known as TESOL), you may be weighing the pros and cons of going through the certification process and training. While there are some cons, such as the time and effort required to complete your certification, there are many pros! In addition to getting certified to teach others how to effectively communicate in a new language and garner opportunities to travel, there are some unexpected benefits that our certification graduates have experienced, too! Here are four unexpected benefits of getting your TESOL certification from Central Overseas Education Services.


Increase in Salary

One of the major benefits that our graduates have enjoyed is that they’ve been able to negotiate for higher salaries and benefits from their current employers. Once you have your certification, you have additional, cultivated skills that can not only benefit you personally but can benefit your employer, which is a great catalyst for getting a raise. If you’re in the market for a new job, you’ll also be able to ask for higher starting pay with a TESOL certification on your resume.


More Career Opportunities

When it comes to job searching, finding the right position for your needs is key. Whether you’re looking for a position that lets you work from home or you want to use your TESOL to travel professionally, getting TESOL certified is a great way to open up your career opportunities to new options. Even if you’re not looking for positions in teaching or travel, a TESOL certification shows potential employers that you are motivated, skilled, and can pursue personal growth projects, making you a more competitive candidate in the job market.


Make Connections All Over The World

Of course, getting TESOL certified means that you can work with people who don’t natively speak English and teach them the necessary skills to communicate effectively, which is great for traveling to countries where English is not commonly spoken. However, one of the unexpected benefits that come with traveling and working with people who don’t speak your native language is that you can make lasting, meaningful connections with people all around the world! Instead of simply traveling to see the sights of new places, you’ll be able to help others in new countries while enjoying new experiences, so connecting with people will be easier than ever!


Learn from Your Own Students

As a TESOL-certified professional, your career opportunities open up to teaching and working with students around the world who want to learn to speak English as a second language. As a teacher, you’ll benefit from maintaining working relationships with your students and will get to enjoy the unexpected benefits of learning from your students, too! Whether it’s learning about the culture of their home country, or just learning more about people who may not have otherwise been in your life.

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