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Are You A Teacher?

Want to License Teachers and Operate Your Own TESOL Center?

Complete our 6-day online course to become a certified ESL instructor and start working independently. You’ll be able to host and license teachers within TESOL — one of the largest organizations in the world! Courses are offered through Central Overseas Education Services and the cost is $895.00 — a significant reduction from the standard cost of $2995.00. Training sessions will be held throughout the year, with more to be added as interest grows.

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Become a business partner at the end of training! NO FRANCHISE FEES!

  • Be the certifying instructor and license TESOL candidates to teach International English. You’ll earn $300-$400 per day teaching advanced leadership — plus commissions for recruitment!
  • Train to operate your own TESOL-certified licensed school operation OR work as an ESL instructor for one or more TESOL-certified centers around the world!

  • Obtain the designation “CERTIFIED TESOL INSTRUCTOR SPECIALIST” at course completion. Operate your own TESOL area!
  • Receive a University Certificate in International Education.
  • All training includes license and franchise operations manuals plus TESOL Representative Positions re: “The Business of TESOL”.
  • Earn a five- or six-figure income while traveling the world when you own your own TESOL training center. Graduate students of our program will receive first-priority ownership.
  • Learn valuable skills like school supervision, business management, advanced classroom management, and curriculum development.

  • Expand your opportunities! With TESOL certification you can work for other organizations hiring school directors, teacher-trainers, and facilitators of professional development opportunities.
  • Work safely by training and licensing teachers in class or via distance learning!

ESL Teacher Training FAQs

1.) Do I need a degree in English in order to teach English?

A: No. You will likely be teaching functional/conversational English and not Shakespeare or Academic English, so a degree in anything is absolutely fine. We can even arrange for you to obtain a degree in a fast-track timetable, along with your TESOL/TEFL certificate. The certificate is your teaching credential and indicates that you are qualified to teach English as a second language since the training focuses on pedagogical technique, ice breakers, and lesson planning.


2.) I have no experience in teaching. Will I have trouble finding a teaching position?

A.) No. Many recruiters seek first-time teachers because they aren’t "set in their ways" and are therefore more open to learning and implementing the school philosophy


3.) What questions am I likely to be asked in an international English teacher interview arranged by a potential employer?

A.) Questions are typically the ones listed here and you will be well-prepared by the training so you can answer them easily and without effort:

Can you tell me a little about yourself? ...

Why do you want to be a teacher? ...

What's the best way to teach English? ...

What's a challenge you've faced in the classroom? ...

What are some successful teaching methods you use?

Give us a five-minute lesson on a topic teaching elementary school children?

What is the most important component in teaching in an international classroom?

How do you "sell" the love of English?

How is your class different from the teaching styles of most teachers?

What do you know about our country seeing as you wish to teach our students?


4.) May I teach online and teach from home?

A.) Yes. Yes. The recent changes affecting the delivery of education due to the virus have resulted in a massive increase in online teaching opportunities. Of course, as countries re-open, you can also obtain a job on location that includes accommodations and benefits. We teach you what and how to negotiate for the ideal package.


5.) Do you also have job placements?

A.) Yes. We work with international agents and representatives including many embassies to connect you with potential employers. We have also exhibited in various international education fairs with the Government of Canada.


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