Lynda Matti

“Hi, my name is Lynda Matti. I’m a student at King’s in third year for French studies and I’m doing a second teachable for family studies. I know sign language and French but if I end up going to Dubai, I want to start learning Arabic.”

What is one word you would use to describe the course?

“Super motivational. Jim really did a good job at teaching the curriculum. He didn’t use a normal teaching strategy and did it very unorthodox. I loved it.”

How do you feel after taking the course?

“I feel really confident. At first I didn’t know how lesson plans would go but I did end up liking incorporating my personality and humour in teaching more than I actually thought.”

What do you want to do with your TESOL certification?

“I want to pack all my stuff and travel to every single place that TESOL offers. I really want to go to France or Dubai as my first options and then see if I can even go to my home country, the Philippines. Maybe Italy and all those places in Europe.”