Vanessa-Rene, Regional Director - Canada and International (Cuba & the United States)

My name is Vanessa-René, I'm not french but my father thought he'd add some french flavour to my name. My family immigrated to Canada from Portugal in the 70s so I am a first-generation Canadian. I always wanted to be a teacher so I studied Child and Youth Work in College where my interest in child development and psychology began to grow. Later I completed my TESOL Certification, bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok, and lived in SE Asia for 5 months traveling Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia while teaching English online to fellow backpackers I met along the way. When I returned home, I completed a number of Neuro-Linguistic Programming seminars and rediscovered my love for teaching and helping others. Personally, I love to travel, explore, experience new cultures, and break down language barriers. I'm a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a wife, a mother, an Aquarius and a passionate TESOL instructor.