Sarah Neadow, Regional Director - Canada

Sarah Jane Leta Neadow is a TESOL Regional Director and a women's Mindset & Business Coach. She started her business offline in 2011 as a wedding and event planner, and in 2012 she became took the Advanced TESOL 120 hour program, and in June 2019 she brought her business into the online space, evolving into a focus on mindset and business coaching, helping women step out of fear and into their next level, turning their dreams into reality. She has successfully scaled her business online in the past year, and just celebrate a five-figure month in July 2020. She is passionate about helping women transform their lives and businesses the way she transformed her own. She lives in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada with her spouse of five and a half years, Andrew, and their adopted cat, Clover. Sarah hosts online Summits and Masterclasses in her Facebook group, Forevermore. She offers programs, Masterminds, and 1-1 coaching to help women conquer their fears and step into the next-level version of themselves, in life and in business, including TESOL certification for women ready to live their best lives.