Daria Kniazeva, Regional Director (International: Russia, China)

Daria was born in Samara, a large city of the central economic region on the Volga river, where she graduated from the Technical University with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Engineering and Technology. In 2016, she took a Tesol Course and in April 2017 found herself in one of the most beautiful cities in China - Hangzhou. After several years of extensive experience working in training centers with children, Daria decided to improve her qualification and took a Tesol Instructor Course.

In parallel with this, Daria additionally studied psychology, education and Chinese. A great love for new discoveries and constant study led her to work with preschool children, where she achieved high results in correcting childhood developmental delays and consulted parents and colleagues.

At the end of 2021, already living in Shanghai, she decides to return to her homeland in order to unlock her potential in a new way. Now she lives in one of the most beautiful cities in Russia - St. Petersburg, where she works for a company that deals with the parallel import of chemicals and equipment for large industries. In addition, she continues to teach online and hosts podcasts on psychology and pedagogy.

Here's what she thinks about the ESL Tesol Program: "This training opens up the world, significantly improves communication skills, develops you as a person, and gives you great freedom to choose the possibilities of your realization."